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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 14, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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ferguson. >> reporter: governor of missouri announced that the state's highway patrol officer will be taking control of security in ferguson in an attempt to calm violence. >> ferguson will not be torn apart by violence but known as a community that pulled together to overcome it. >> reporter: earlier thursday president obama interrupted his vacation on martha's vineyard to call for peace in the city. >> i know emotions are raw right now in ferguson and there are certainly, passionate differences about what has happened. >> reporter: those differences have brought violence to the st. louis suburb for four straight nights, after a ferguson police officer shot and killed an unarmed 18 year-old saturday. heavily armed officer have used tear gas, and smoke bombs against protesters drawing harsh criticism, police say they were responding to a large crowd throwing roxanne homemade firebombs. this is where people have been gathering at night to protest the death of michael brown, it is where protests first turned violent when this convenient
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store was burned down. at a community meeting one resident blamed violence on people coming into ferguson to take advantage of the unrest. >> we know it is our side. we know that. but what can we do about that? we cannot stop them because we're fearful for our lives. >> reporter: the community and law enforcement are hoping there won't be a fifth night of violence. >> we will have live coverage from philadelphia, vigil coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. a developing news right now, we have learn late to daze robin williams was struggling with the early stages of parkinson's disease just before he took his own life, according to a statement released by his wife today. she also said that the actor had remained sober after entering a rehab facility earlier in the summer. robin williams took his own life in california, on monday, police believe that the six three-year old hanged himself. well, more arrests have been made in one of the largest casino heists in the history of atlantic city. we are learning that a state
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trooper was also shot the at the end of this manhunt. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live outside caesars atlantic city which those details, cleve. >> reporter: we will talk about trying to get back pay, authorities say a former employee here at caesars helped rob the place for $180,000, they were in and out of the casino in less than four minutes but what seemed like the perfect crime for them quickly became unraveled. all inexperienced teens in the late teens and early 20's police say this group tried to pull off a robbery in hollywood fashion. >> what does ocean's 11, ocean's atlantic city. >> reporter: showily after 6:00 a.m., 19 year-old isaiah plumber and aaron evans entered side door of the caesars casino wearing masks and carrying the gun. >> during the robbery they point aid gun at one of the employees as money exchange was taking place and they left with proceeds of approximately $180,000, through that side
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door. >> reporter: getaway car with two more young men was waiting on arkansas avenue. they all got away but not for long. within hours police identified plumber who had just been fired weeks before from a security job at caesars. i been investigators say it was obvious suspect had inside knowledge of the casino. >> took a very short period of time to commit this crime and the location where it occurred, and how it occurred. >> reporter: over the next several weeks police made a total of 58 rests including two suspects in delaware. during one of the busts, police say a delaware state trooper was shot in the vest but was not seriously you are the. in all $150,000 of cash and property was recovered including an expensive jewelry abe a large amount of marijuana authorities doubt that the robbery could have been pulled off without being an insight job. >> it is crazy, who else would come in and try to do that and except somebody who had work here. >> reporter: this afternoon caesars entertainment released a statement thanking investigators and also state
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ago this security and safety is their top priorities here, state officials say they are reviewing the security management to see if anything needs to be change. live from atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, you talk about a close call here, several drivers slam on the brakes trying to avoid hitting a disable koran i-95, it is northbound lanes near brought street right around 5:30 this morning. police officer showed up later, managed to clear the highway, for most of the morning rush hour, but boy there were close calls there triple a tells us if you break down on the road, don't get out of your car just pop the trunk and hood if you can, put on your flashers and wait inside the car for help. police chase this morning end in the crash in the bushes, this is near flat rock road near philadelphia's manayunk neighborhood. driver of this car took off on foot off that crash. police aren't sure if the driver ran in the brush or jumped in the schuylkill river.
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there is no word on what prompted that pursuit. chaka fattah, junior returns to court to be formally arraigned on fraud and tax evasion charges. son of the pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah pleaded not guilty in philadelphia federal court today. an indictment accuses fattah junior of using bank loans and income for federal education contracts for personal expenses including large gambling debts. we will have a full report on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. democratic party officials considering philadelphia as a potential host site for 2016 national convention are wrapping up their two day visit to town. "eyewitness news" at national contusion center where a thank you rally was held for party site committee. those members spent the day assessing logistics, security and also financial issues associate the the with putting on the convention. >> no one will question the capacity of the city of philadelphia to put on a big event. we have done it before. we hosted the republican national convention in 2,000. raised money that was
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necessary for that. >> reporter: speaking of raising money city officials are confident they are raising the 80 million-dollar or so they need to host the convention. brooklyn, birmingham, columbus and phoenix are also in the running. just a great day to be outside with the sun shining brightly today, mild temperatures, some temperatures didn't make it out of the 07's if you can believe it. meteorologist kathy orr is live in ocean city with your first forecast, kathy. >> it is a stellar day with blue skies and a few sea gulls eager to grab things off the boardwalk as well. behind me lots of crowds getting ready for a great event get underway soon. lets talk about the weather. is there a few clouds out there storm scan three you can see spotty showers and a few sprinkles in lancaster county heading towards reading berks county otherwise a beautiful sunny day. temperatures around the region in the 70's. philadelphia 79. wilmington 78. allentown 77.
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atlantic city 77. that is at the airport. ocean water temperature 74, the beach is pack. here is our evening planner stray sprinkle possible, this evening, at 7:00, 74. clear and cool at 9:00 o'clock. then down in the 60's by 11:00. it will be comfortable. back here live skies are blue, board and beach are pack there is a little bit of the breeze and oldest baby parade at least on the east coast will get underway soon with the forecast later in the broadcast. >> thanks, kathy we will see new a minute. thanks very much. >> taney dragons begin their run in the little league world series tomorrow, this is of course the the first team ever from philadelphia to make to it williamsport. the the kids and their parents are savoring the moment. "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers joins us live from williamsport with the latest on the team tonight, matt. >> chris, by this time tomorrow we will likely no whether the taney dragons won or lost their first game in williamsport. they are set to take on the south east region champs
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3:00 p.m. as you might imagine the parents of the kids on this team are a bit nervous. at least kids on the team could get rid of any nerves by hitting a few balls. they did just that in thursday's batting practice. their parents on the other hand have nothing but their thoughts, some cannot even sit still during games. >> we are pacers, wonderers, we will go take a walk. >> reporter: most of the parents are getting into williamsport on thursday, rest heading up tomorrow morning including the parents of the mone davis. they spoke to "eyewitness news" back in philly. >> when she go play another team, oh, they got a girl. once she get on the mound and show them what she can do you don't hear no more of that. >> reporter: for them and all of the parents the ride to williamsport has been surreal. >> we don't know is what around the next corner. some of that surprise have of not knowing what is around the the next corner has made this all the better. >> reporter: as for the kids it is all about the moment now. they look focused in practice not even talking to reporters.
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soon enough it will be game time until these favorite little leaguers will go to work. >> these kids have been working hard a long time. it is great. i am glad glad you recognize it. the games have already begun in williamsport. this is a double east limb nation tournament, remember so win or lose tomorrow taney dragons will play again over the weekend f they lose they will play saturday night f they win then they will play sunday night. here's hoping for sunday. live from williamsport, moth moth rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". if you want to cheer on the taney dragons from philadelphia city hall you can do so tomorrow afternoon. the city plans to hold a rally for little leaguers at 2:00 and then they will broadcast the game on the big screen in the city yard courtyard. >> got their game faces on. >> in the zone. >> yep. >> coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" pat's king of steaks has something it has never had before. >> stay tune for that. night out for peace turns deadly in philadelphia, police
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well, if you are doing back to school shopping right
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now you will likely be faced with an offer or two for a store's credit card. is there a recent survey that found many of these cards, the interest rate may cost you more than you anticipate. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan looks at the pros and the cons. >> reporter: one shopper doesn't want to score a discount in the store, in many cases, retailers will save the best offer for last. and an opportunity to save an extra 15, maybe even 20 percent at the register, by signing up for a store credit card. a recent survey by credit found that consumers may save on purchases in that moment but pay for them dine the line. survey looked at fine prints on card of the 36 of the largest retailers. the the average annual percentage rate was 23.23 percent. about eight points higher then the average credit card. among those with the highest, sales, with a rate of 28.99 percent. office depot, staples and best
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buy were as high as 27.99 percent. and now if you pay off a balance in full each month, that makes high interest, a mute point. and incentives like store coupons and exclusive sales can be good, especially if back to schooltime and during the the holidays. but you really need to be mindful of how many offers you accept because applications for those cards prompt inquiries on your credit report and too many inquiries can put a dent in the credit score. >> yes. >> a few months ago i got an ll bean card because they were offering 20 percent off plus another 15 percent for that day. i said okay, i would be crazy. you pay it all off. >> yes. >> you are dealing with the interest rates. >> what did you buy at ll bean. >> a kyack. >> a kyack. >> very athletic. >> you would not have guessed it. >> just think. >> secret is out. >> still a head on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 forget cadavers our stephanie reporter stephanie stahl is learning how a medical students are learning
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on a virtual body. get your ears ready, one direction is in town and fans spent the day, staking out their hotel, beasley. the eagles getting ready for preseason game number two, more sixth inning problem for phillies and local softball team are the world champions, those stories and more in sports in 602nd.
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well, there is no such thing as a bad day for a baby parade, but you this was a perfect, day, for a baby parade. >> yes. >> kathy orr is live in ocean city for 105 annual baby parade, kate bilo is in the studios. we will start with kathy. >> what a beautiful day, they used to do baby parade early at 11 or 12:00 o'clock and it was just too hot. now weather is perfect. is there a little aviator, with mom and dad, supporting him in the background. he just waved. look at this guy, it says, it's shore good, a little ice cream truck on the boardwalk. adorable. great job, you guys. we will show you more from the baby parade and introduce to you a man who wrote book on baby parade but let's talk about the weather. as you can see, blue skies here, not many clouds here in the sky. we will look at storm scan three and show you just a few clouds and few sprinkles far to the north and west to the
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berks county and lancaster county. look at temperatures, philadelphia 79. millville 76. down the shore are comfortable with the breeze here in ocean city at 77. stone harbor 76. cape may 76. ocean water temperature seven 46789 coming down the shore, come down tonight it will be a great couple of days, here's the three day, friday 8o saturday 83. and sunday a late day shower or storm hopefully we can squeak most of the day in at the beach before any rain comes. temperature 82 degrees. back here live we have a sunflower baby, looks like he wants to spend more time with mom. i want to introduce to you fred miller, he wrote the book right here, up, there you go on the baby parade. >> yes. >> tell just you wrote the book. >> i wrote the book for 100 anniversary of the baby parade in 2009. it was a big hit. everybody who had a baby in the parade had a picture. once their kid was in the book they bought the book. it was a fun time. >> family affair. >> my sister started going the
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the baby parade in 1968 and she won the baby parade with the old late i in the shoe. i was inside the shoe pushing it down the boardwalk. never forget. it was a hundred degrees. quite an experience. >> thankfully it is not hundred degrees now. >> here's tiffany mom with tiffany baby this child will have good taste what do you think very good taste. it is all with the baby parade. floats, they are so good. the kids are waving if they are awake. >> absolutely if they are awake. that is the key. >> look at the crowds. have you noticed over the years since you lived here since 60's it has gotten more crowded. >> everybody wants to see the baby parade. it is an annual affair. 105 years. people plan their vacations about the baby parade. >> if you want to know more about the baby parade check out fred's book, the title, the ocean city baby parade. pretty simple. just a great afternoon. have one gets in to it. wonderful family event. back to you in the studio. >> lie forward to that every year, they are so cute. i should dress mize baby as a little crab he has been a
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little crabby. thanks so much. it looks beautiful down the shore, today and gorgeous in the city as well. we have a few clouds bubbling up with cool air in the upper atmosphere. that the is all we're seeing, kathy showed us on storm scan three. showers have stayed away. center city looking great, ben franklin bridge all lit up in our live neighborhood network sites and another beach spot beach patrol headquarter cam in margate see margate city life guard boat there. people still out beach trying to soak up all of the sunshine on what has turnout to be a beautiful day. future weather is over doing the picture with showers popping up here and there still, the chance for a stray shower here this evening. we have one near reading right now, that will be moving a little further east as we go through remainder of this evening. we will clear skies overnight, and very comfortable out there tomorrow, we will start off with sunshine and that will be around all day long, cloud and showers will miss us to the the north. it is a beautiful friday. pressure gradient created by upper low to the north and high pressure from the west and that will bring that nice
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west win temperatures do not get past upper 70's and it will feel fantastic almost feeling like early september. for saturday high pressure moves further east to get us more in a return flow with highs in the 80's and watch for late day shower or storm as we head into sunday but most of the weekend looking fine. heading to the poconos it will feel like fall, 68 for a friday. seventy on saturday. watch for a shower or two on sunday high around 74 degrees. mainly clear, cool crisp tonight, leave those windows crack a bit. it will feel fantastic. we don't see lows in the 50's until mid to late september. again feeling fall-like tonight. sunny and gorgeous tomorrow. feeling like september. 79 degrees, wind out of the west at five to 10 miles an hour. literal for back to school weather for the the kids. here's the eyewitness weather three day forecast, and notice how cool it is for friday, gorgeous start to the weekend saturday. watch for thunderstorm on sunday and then coming up in the seven day i'll let you know if the nice weather will last into next week but for
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now stay tuned we will be right back.
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sorry. get a free quote at i'm beasley reese with sports in 602nd. let's start the clock. eagles held a walk through in new england. jeremy maclin did not participate with a sore hamstring and he is questionable for tomorrow's game with the patriots. coach chip kelly has not said how long starters will play but usually second preseason game they will go in the second quarter. phillies have the night off, they start a three game series tomorrow in san francisco, last night, sixth inning there was a problem again for phillies, they had a two-one lead and angels scored three times to beat phillies four-three. in the two games with the
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phillies tuesday night los angeles scored, ten runs in the sixth inning. the taney dragons are not the only little league team in the region playing well in the post season, robbins will new jersey team won the little league softball world series beating louisiana four-one. it is their first world championship. they have out scored opponents 41-four. congratulations. former eagles head coach andy reid took the ice bucket challenge, a couple players dumped cold water over big red to raise money for als. way to go, that is your sports in 60 seconds, now back to the desk. andy didn't look too put off. he took it. >> pretty good sport. coming up in the next half an hour a violent night in philadelphia, shots ran out at concert for peace. also a big bright change for pat's king of change, we will tell you what the landmark cheese stake shop is doing for the first time in 84 year history. time is running out for
5:27 pm
philadelphia cool distract, tonight there is growing concern about layoffs and even a delayed to the beginning of the school year, we're live with the latest push for action in harrisburg.
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i'm jessica dean with the top stories.
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police make more arrest in the daring robbery at caesars atlantic city. a recently fired security guard used his knowledge of the operation to pull off the heist that netted $180,000. robin williams was struggling with the early stages of parkinson's before he died, that is leading to a statement released by his wife, susan snyder. williams died monday in his california home, and police believe that the six three-year old hanged himself. missouri's governor is promising a different tone in the way police in ferguson, in the forecast. and, it follows another day of violence as demonstrators, focus on the deadly police shooting on an unarmed black teenager, kate. it turns out to be a gorgeous day to day, if you liked today, tomorrow, will be even nicer. a fabulous friday, we will talk about that coming up, we have got a stunning saturday on the way, and then, perhaps a shower on sunday, that is all coming up with the seven day forecast. we will check with kathy down the shore in just a bit, chris.
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>> kate, thanks very much. a concert designed to promote peace, ends in violence, when a man is shot and killed outside. the shooting kicked off a very violent night across philadelphia, "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry has more. >> reporter: it was a violent night in the city, first shooting happened at an anti violence event in fairmount park. there was a peace concert held at dell music center when shots were fired. man in his 20's were hit in the torso and thigh. he was taken to temple university hospital where he was pronounced dead. ill is called peace on the street. >> people put on these concert are well intentioned but problem is it doesn't reach street thugs we deal were on a daily basis. this is what they do they don't care if it is at a peace rally in church, they could careless. >> reporter: later in the night two teens were injured during a shooting at tenth and bainbridge. it happen around 11:30. one was hit three times in the leg, the other was hit once in the heel. both 18 years olds were taken to jefferson and remain in ess ll help them.
5:32 pm
catch the shooter. >> one male who is wearing a dark hooded sweat shirt and shoes. >> reporter: man was shot nine times in his apartment. that happened around 12:30 on the 4500 block of buy veer. ten shots were fired in the apartment. at the time there were three other adults and one toddler. twenty-eight year-old victim was hit multiple times in the torso, chest and both legs. he was taken to einstein hospital in critical but stable condition. police don't know motive but say that drugs were found in the apartment. police are now looking for three suspects who fled on foot. >> detective are also, at einstein hospital and they are going to talk to our victim as soon as he is done being work on by doctors. >> reporter: so far no arrests have been made in any incidents. if you have any information you are asked to contact police. at police headquarters, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are searching for a suspect who robbed an oxford circle nail salon, we have surveillance video here to show you. suspect robbed nancy's nails on castor avenue on
5:33 pm
august 1st. he walk in, said he was looking for his mother and sister and then left, but a few minutes later he came back with a rifle and took an envelope next to the cash register. developing right now iraqi prime minister nori al-maliki has resigned his position as prime minister. in the meantime u.s. special forces are gathering more information on the ground in iraq as president obama makes decisions on how to proceed there cbs news reporter craig bosswell has the latest from washington. >> reporter: president obama says air drops of food and water, long u.s. air strikes have improved the situation for refugees in northern iraq. >> because of these efforts we do not expect there to be additional operation to evacuate people off the the mountain and it is unlikely that we will need to continue humanitarian air drops on the mountain. >> reporter: flying in on black hawk helicopter u.s. special forces scoured mount sinjar and they determine many people managed to escape the area at night, about 4500
5:34 pm
remain. members of the religious minority group fled to the mountains but sunni militants arrived in their villages vowing to wipe them out. president obama says special force hose carried out reconnaissance mission will be leaving iraq but u.s. will continue air strikes to protect u.s. facilities and american diplomates in erbill. kurdish fighters battling the militants have gained some ground under the cover of u.s. bombing runs, retaking towns near erbill. >> the threat that i hishis is not over. we are not just sitting here breathing a sigh of relief now. >> reporter: situation remains dire for religious minority in refugee camps near syria border. the those making it to the cam april live say many women have been kidnaped and sold. it remains unclear how many are being held hostage. craig bosswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". pope francis is in south korea tonight, first papal visit to the asian nation in a quarter century. pope called for peace at the start of his five day visit
5:35 pm
to south korea various media outlets report that while on the plane to cover reat pope said he will visit philadelphia next year for the world meeting of families but the philadelphia archdiocese released a statement saying again it is not yet confirmed. quote, we still expect that any official confirmation will come approximately six months prior to the event they say, and we remain confident that the holy father will be present with us. new jersey governor chris christie brings his latest town hall meeting to ocean city, cape may county. dozens of residents packed the ocean city music pier on the boardwalk there, and governor christie highlighted the need for new jersey to go further on pension and benefits reform. he says benefits for public employees are too rich and they must contribute more for their health care. >> the people want what they want. i understand that. but, there is nothing for free in this society. everybody pays for it. >> the afl-cio union responded to governor christie's
5:36 pm
comments and said governor should focus on new jersey's sluggish economy instead of bashing public employees. sluggish is an easy segway, good evening, everyone. rush hour today is definitely very slow no matter where you are heading whether it is skew you kill, traveling on the vine street expressway, moving toward western suburbs. you get this on the road and 202 jammed approaching area of i would say chesterbrook boulevard through 401. northbound 202 you are moving well around this area here but not approaching area of the schuylkill expressway. you will hit a brick wall of volume trying to get to the schuylkill. looking at ben franklin bridge trying to get into philadelphia is a major problem. one direction is in town, so anyone trying to get to 95, and move down into south philadelphia you will be packed, so expect this volume to even trickle back towards 676, new jersey, and then on going to the vine street expressway trying to get down towards the schuylkill. expect east and westbound delays on the vine street expressway, we literally just had a disabled vehicle pop up
5:37 pm
westbound on the schuylkill approaching roosevelt boulevard so you will notice delays as well and then once you get on the roosevelt boulevard northbound between 76 and broad street so a lot going on it. look at that mid county toll plaza area from the mid county tolls, southbound on 476, almost all the way down to i-95 you are slow down here and traveling east bound on the pennsylvania turnpike, we are jammed there as well we have a disable vehiclal approaching fort washington and then at about 14 miles an hour on i-95 which doesn't say much. heading out of northeast philadelphia again moving down towards south philadelphia, you are just barely moving. quickfully to chester county we are dealing with an accident west chester pike near chester road be mindful of. that no major delays for mass transit, jessica. >> vittoria, thanks. iconic pat's steaks in south philadelphia has a new look after 84 years. new neon sign is up, at the point of the cross facing ninth street and passyunk. sign faces competing geno's steaks which is full of neon. well, little bit brighter tonight. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a
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view inside body like you have never seen before. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is on your side with how one university is using virtual anatomy to teach students. photo bombing spider makes its way on a news broadcast we will show you new star on the web. kathy? we're at ocean city baby parade, here's baby going by, it seems took like a little crib, can't hold sunshine back anymore it is 105th ocean city, baby parade, with a lot going on here you can see crowds and plenty of sunshine, so get a jump start on your weekend from the city to shore kate and i will have forecast for weekend coming up as "eyewitness news" c
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well, kuerig coffee is about to get more expensive, company says it is raising prices by nine percent starting in november. that price hike effects many products including portion packets for their popular one cup brewing systems. keurig say it is responding to rising costs. today we've got an eight leg invader, new music video from the late king of pop and touching tribute to robin
5:42 pm
williams, all trending we will start first with the spider. made a cameo on bbc scotland keep an eye on the right-hand corner. hard to miss there. at one point spider grabs a fly of some sort and moves out of the shot. kind of creepy there. up next a new music video from michael jackson. the song is called a place with no name originally recorded in 1998. it is part of the jackson's escape album collection of unreleased tracks released in may almost five years after his death. this video premiered on twitter last night, as of now, it has more than 46,000 retweets. finally cast of the broadway version of the a laden honored robin williams. >> ♪ >> the cast invited last night's audience to sing long to friend like me as a tribute to williams. williams was voice of the the genie in the disney animated film. also last night broadway
5:43 pm
theater dimmed their lights in his honor. so many great tributes, going around for what was obviously a remarkably talented man. >> so many people loved that role and character. so fun to celebrate that. we will be right back.
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get ready, the band one direction has another show, tonight at lincoln financial field. the fans, were all excited, can you tell? "eyewitness news" was outside four seasons hotel on logan
5:46 pm
square where fans waited hoping to get a glimpse of the band members. there were an estimated 55,000 fans at last night's show at the link. well, temperatures today were below normal certainly made for a beautiful day. >> we have live team three weather coverage, kathy orr is in ocean city for annual baby parade. we will start first with kate bilo here in our studios, kate. >> i was out along kelly drive like a baby parade everybody out with the strollers. people out running, jogging, walking just trying to make the most of the gorgeous august day. we don't usually get weather like this in august and all thanks to the same storm system that brought flooding rain, remember on tuesday night. same low is dominating the weather pattern over eastern canada most of the rain has dissipated but we are still under influence of that low, cool arrow tates around back side of the row we are feeling it make its way in our area and secondary front that is moving through this evening, and a few clouds and even now
5:47 pm
a shower perhaps a thunderstorm rolling through the area you can see crossing from berks county in to portions of montgomery county. this is along 422, heading for pottstown, really one shower we have another within back towards new holland but 422 you will see that. if you are friend and family heading home traveling that well traveled commute you may encounter some rain before the hour is out. temperatures right now you can see rain cooled as those showers and clouds moved through reading area 71 there. warm 77 in allentown. sitting at 79 at the airport right now and 76 in millville. look at how cool to the north and west. sixty-six in cleveland. sixty-four in buffalo. seventy in state college. that cooler air works it way in and tomorrow will be even cooler then today. comfort index lets talk bit. the current dew point is 53 degrees. tomorrow's dew point at the height of the afternoon 48 degrees. where does that put us? in the awesome range. if you stepped outside it feels awesome today. it will feel more so tomorrow
5:48 pm
with very little moisture in the atmosphere. so as we move forward in the weekend, it is a pleasant day, feeling like fall with the northwest win, sunny and turning warmer on saturday as air mass warms within itself ape upper low gets out of here but then we are tracking another storm that will dive in on sunday, bringing chance for a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. we will see sunshine as well and warmer day on sunday with a high in the upper 80's. tonight cool clear and crisp, 59 degrees. tomorrow sunny and gorgeous feeling like september out there. seventy-nine will be your friday high and here's you're witness weather seven day forecast and shore cast, great day friday, saturday looks great as well, some sun on sunday. 87 degrees. monday we are back to sunshine but watch for shower or thunderstorm returning to the forecast wye next tuesday. and, parade and that is where we fine meteorologist
5:49 pm
kathy orr who joins us live from ocean city, hi there, kathy. >> what a beautiful day down the shore, you can hear crowds they are having a great time and the babies are having fun as well. what are these guys, right here? they look like an ice cream sunday is that right. >> they are mom's banana split. >> i love it. >> terrific. >> thank you. >> we have had banana splits, aviators, we have had jersey own, home grown, babies on john deere trucks today, we have seen it all today and more to come. this is 105th annual baby parade, old that he is we know of. lets look at the weather. we will tell but the shore weather that is going on, this weekend. lets look at these ocean water temperatures, pretty nice, atlantic city wildwood, ocean city, maryland mid 70's for ocean water temperatures. down the shore 80 for friday and saturday another winner, 83, uv index will be high at 9:00 so it will be a great weekend. little bit loud here right now, hear this terrific band
5:50 pm
behind me by frank million shore wrote the book on the ocean city baby parade. there it is, fred, these crowds are incredible but we are talking about generations of families. >> generation after generation. i know one of them michael manahan his grandfather was in the parade, his father was in the parade and his kid was in the the parade. is there four generations of manahans in the parade. that is pretty typical. i'm sure their mothers and fatters were in the parade. >> reporter: you talk about the fact that they prepare for a long time for this. >> they are always looking for ideas. some ideas are recent but some are over the years but they always have good themes and that helps i think the judging of getting a bet's ward. >> reporter: we are seeing parade wrapping upright now and everyone coming down to see who will win but different categories in this too. this is kind of serious. >> there are three categories, comic, fancy and bigger floats. it is serious. they take it seriously, obviously. it is par of the america's greatest familiar willly
5:51 pm
resort. >> we will go down and see the judging. >> always a good time. >> it also sounds familiar to a very famous philadelphia parade. >> well, we probably did copy some from the mummers. we started in 1901. i think mummers were sometime long before that. we have no problem copying things. we enjoy that philadelphia tradition too. >> thanks so much. >> thanks catty native of the ocean city baby parade, fred wrote the book a lot of great information. you can see all the way down, jake to the music pier the crowds are going down because they want to know who won the 105 ocean city baby parade. that is very latest from ocean city, guys, now back to you in the studio and more pictures from the baby parade when we join you at 6:00 o'clock. on the cbs-3 healthwatch tonight, giving doctors a view into the body like never before. >> our health reporter stephanie stahl has more on a new high tech tool. >> you can see it, air waves
5:52 pm
push. >> reporter: these medical students are getting new kind of lesson on human anatomy. they are viewing the deep layers of the body using this virtual anatomy table. >> it is full sized, life sized and can do manipulation and others can't do. >> reporter: like a huge computer tablet that allows users to take two dimensional digital information and convert tonight to three dimensional life size mod else that can be flipped, rotated, dissect and sliced. >> for residency teaching it is ideal. >> reporter: surgeons can use it to plan operations. >> now i can rotate our lung here and locate that tumor in the posterior part of the lung. surgeons can pick one of their patients, ct scans, load it on the table and look at the pathology, look at it in several views and look at it in self plains, decide on a treatment plant based on the anatomy they have seen. >> isn't that cool. >> now technology can also
5:53 pm
help explain things to patients so they get the a better understanding visual liz of is what going on and it can be even used to customize medical devices like bone grafts or implants. >> wow. >> impressive technology don't you think. >> you want to get in there like what is going on. >> i will take that over cadaver any day. >> steph, thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" how would you like to spend a night at the museum from the comfort of your own home. >> now you can, thanks to new technology, we will have details
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
art enthusiast are roaming the halls of britain's most respected museums. >> they are doing this with the help of robots, and the internet. cbs news correspondent alfonso van marsh is in london with the details.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: art lovers can now explore london's museum after dark. robotic cameras are giving people an erie overnight tours of 500 years worth of british art. >> you can be on your couch anywhere in the world and if you have the right internet connection and browser you can come and see what we have in our gallery at night. >> reporter: people logging on to the museum's web site will get a chance to remotely control the robots. >> it will get a bit longer. >> reporter: jane burton says sensors will keep machines from bumping into priceless masterpiecees. the even when the lights go out, tour guides will still be giving on line visitors information about the artwork and taking them through the exhibits. >> we want it to feel like it is spooky, mysterious. >> reporter: christine and brian murphy are visiting from massachusetts. they say tours are cool but don't compare to the real thing. >> knowing that i'm occupying the same space that the artists did, i have that same relationship to that painting,
5:58 pm
just moves me. >> reporter: but tate director hopes that the new technology will bring new audience necessary for a night at the museum. alfonso van marsh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> at 6:00 the clock is ticking for the philadelphia school district and pressure is being put on state leaders to act. tonight, we are hearing from a concerned teacher and parent. plus eight people air rested in connection with the casino heist in atlantic city, authorities say one of the suspects knew that casino well. excitement is building in williamsport and in philadelphia, taney dragons getting ready for world series debut and first time tonight we are hearing from the star players mom and dad. kathy? wow, in ocean city we have finished up the oldest baby parade in the country, it is a beautiful, beautiful day and look at this, plenty of deep blue skies, boardwalk is pack, will it hold out for weekend,
5:59 pm
kate and i will have forecast for you from the city down the shore coming up? "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. well, for the past three years it has always been a constant to worry about whether or not i'm coming back. >> right now at 6:00 philadelphia schools in dire need of money to open up school and keep employees. but the district is running out of time, and it faces an 81 million-dollar budget deficit and few viable options to help. i'm jessica dean. i'm chris may. concern parents and teachers rallied once again urging state leaders to take action. they want law make tours pass a cigarette tax that has been designed to help fill part of the budget gap. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao is live outside district headquarters now and jane, clock is ticking. >> reporter: we are a month away from the start of the
6:00 pm
school year here in philadelphia and we still don't know if schools will indeed open up on time and we don't know what classrooms will look like if they do opened but that is all about to change. src was supposed to hold a special meeting tomorrow to discuss just this, that has been scrapped, instead, as team members and superintendent william hite will make a big announcement about the future of the school district. it is hundreds of philadelphia schoolteachers, including nefertiti white continue to experience year after a year. >> 2011 i was the receiving even of the layoff notice. i was fortunate enough to get called back in august but you sees where you don't know whether you will come back to your job. >> reporter: now again with the 81 million-dollar deficit the school district of philadelphia is facing another round of tough cuts. possible layoffs, class sizes, up to 40 kids and cuts to programs, even security. >> this is basically a


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